Obisan disinfection of poultry with fogging

Poultry breeding

Poultry industry is a large consumer of medication while tackling bird contracted infections as well as disinfection of meat in the later stages of food processing. In addition to lowering the cost of antibiotics used (up to 80% – 1000 eur per stable per period), our product also decreases the growing time of poultry (up to 8 days) and mortality rate (3% – 400 euro per stable per period), while increasing shelf-life of the produced meat and weight of the birds (up to 300grams – 1600eur per stable per period). Furthermore, a very important aspect is also the observed decrease in FCR (feed conversion ratio), which subsequently saves a stable up to 3500 kg of chicken feed per period. This in turn leads to a massive opportunity for the industry, where it is estimated that in Slovenia alone it would lead to the industry saving up to $5 million annually.


Poultry farming is with its expansion and the amount of meat produced for human consumption has become one of the most growing and promising meat processing industry in the world.


Breeding of chickens and production of meat is often confrontate with a big problems caused by various bacteria and viruses, which are generally hazardous to human health. With proper cleaning and disinfection in all segments of the course, trying to prevent or reduce total number of all, but the most pathogenic micro-organisms and spread these. In our institute we have been occupied with the problems of disinfection in poultry almost 10 years.


In collaboration with the Veterinary Faculty in Ljubljana and Institute for Environmental Hygiene and animals with ethology we have in recent years established the possibility of disinfection through application of EOW – STERIPLANT N in all segments of the production and processing of poultry.


Some of the projects is still open and in research. With the current work and research, and experience in production and processing may also suggest the method and the use of disinfection with application of EOW-STERIPLANT N in all segment of poultry.


We have in poultry four main segments:
• Laying hens
• Hatching of eggs
• Poultry farming
• Slaughter of chicken
• Meat processing


For each segment of production with years of experience we have developed protocols and technology that are intended to prevent infection and transmission of them.