Our vision

By establishing and operating the Obisan institute we wish to contribute to discovery and introduction of ecologically acceptable technologies in all fields of our lives. First step of our operation in to study the possibilities of use for electro-oxygenated water in healthcare, agro-industry and cattle industry ans to study its influence on the environment.


The main concern of healthcare is to control the presence of microorganisms in human environment. The main objective is health protection of people, where we can prevent the spreading of infections with preventive care. For this purpose a lot of different disinfectants are being used, but their effect on microorganisms is limited and they have a lot of side effects.


In the food processing procedures it is necessary to ensure the health protection of consumers as final customers. Here we cannot ignore the suitable procedures of cleaning and disinfection. We must point out that a lot of aggressive biocide agents are being used, and their decomposed compounds end up in the environment.


Cattle breeding is a sensible branch that depends on the economic flows. Therefore, every cattle breeding branch is expected to have a reliable production, which of course means a large quantity of preventive measure to ensure the health of animals. This can only be obtained with good breeding conditions, one of which is also an environment without harmful microorganisms.


In the institution we believe that electro-oxygenated water will change our lives and contribute to greater safety of production for final consumers and to better control of microbe universe in our surroundings.